Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deathtrap on hold till May

Right now, I don't have time to make my show as good as I feel it needs to be. So, the Deathtrap is officially closed for the moment. Hopefully I'll have time to pry its jaws open again for the summer.

(But this doesn't mean I won't be doing random, sneaky shows and posting them. So, stay tuned, and subscribe to the podcast to make sure you catch all the shows!)

Sneaky Special Deathtrap, March 22

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Special surprise ninja radio show! Woo PAH!
  • Margot and the Nuclear So-And-Sos "Skeleton Key"
  • Blitzen Trapper "Pink Padded Slippers"
  • Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. "Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager Pt 1"
  • Royksopp "What Else Is There? (live)" (didn't want to play)
  • Onyx "Steal Me Flowers"
  • Tim Fite "A Little Bit"
  • MC Lars "Generic Crunk Song"
  • Da Vinci's Notebook "Title of the Song"
  • Corky and the Juice Pigs "The Grunge Song"
  • Kids These Days "Aging Friends (Snowcapped)"(because I can't have a full show without screwing something up, we got a bit of Tim Fite again first)
About The Featured Artists:
An eight-piece indie band with a cello and keyboard from Indianapolis, I was disappointed by Margot and the Nuclear So-And-Sos album, but "Skeleton Key" is a great song (it's on their MySpace).

A buddy of mine got back from South By Southwest today and went, "There's a band you need to hear." In addition to having THE BEST NAME EVER, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. is a dude from England who sounds pretty good... or his two songs on MySpace do. Acoustic guitar over beats off his laptop, this song manages the tricky juggling act of being both sad and upbeat at the same time.

Onyx is a friend of mine in Olympia, She's in June Madrona now, and also plays harp, melodica and thrift store instruments and sings on her own. She's got some mp3s she recorded at K Records (well, technically, in the art studio she rents in K -- but doesn't that sound so much more impressive than saying "some mp3s she recorded on her iBook's microphone in her art studio in a warehouse?").

MC Lars was one of my big happy discoveries today. Great funny white boy hip hop vaguely similar to MC Chris and MC Paul Barman, with some good topics, good song construction, great lyrics. The sort of album where evey song fits in with songs I already play. I love that. For instance, the song on this show kicked off three songs presenting the formulas for crunk, boy band and grunge songs.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Deathtrap February 23

  • Caviar "Clean Getaway"
  • Prozzak "Starting Over"
  • Conehead Buddha "My Way"
  • Fantastic Plastic Machine "Mr. Fantasy's Love"
  • Amon Tobin "Verbal"
  • Asylum Street Spankers "Digga Digga Do"
  • Reel Big Fish "Brand New Song"
  • Bullfrog "Reverse Psychology"
  • Guster "Backyard"
  • Mark Gardener "Flaws of Perception"
  • The Strokes and Regina Spektor "Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men"
  • Jeffrey Lewis "Three Quarter Moon"
  • The Metasciences "Four Color Love Story"
  • M. Ward "Vincent O'Brien"
  • Death Cab For Cutie "This Temporary Life"
  • The Weakerthans "Exiles Among You"
  • Lemon Demon "I've Got Some Falling To Do"
  • Cake "Meanwhile, Rick James"
  • Sufjan Stevens "How Can The Stone Remain?"
  • Say Hi To Your Mom "Pop Music of the Future"
  • Cloud Cult "Transistor Radio"
  • The Microphones "Between Your Ear And Your Other Ear"
  • Catch 22 "Alone In A Crowd"
  • The Mr. T Experience "More Than Toast"
  • Pain "Full Speed Ahead (Battleship Version)"
  • Brand New "Jaws Theme Spinning"
  • Pain "Jabberjaw" (because my laptop ran out of batteries)
  • The Pixies "Where Is My Mind"
Short show today, due to rampant technical difficulties. No podcast either.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Death Comes on February 16

This was a fun show. And inevitably, the computer didn't record it, so I can't podcast it.

Ah well. Next week.
  • Gym Class Heroes "Make Out Club"
  • Kitty In The Tree "C'mon"
  • Josie and the Pussycats "Come On"
  • Boom Bip "The Unthinkable (Venetian Snares Remix)"
  • Daisy Spot "Cats and Doggies"
  • Asylum Street Spankers "Paul Revere" (yes, a swing Beastie Boys cover)
  • Blackalicious and Jurassic 5 "4,000 Miles"
  • Prozzak "Tricky"
  • The Go! Team "Friendship Update"
  • Jack's Mannequin "La La Lie"
  • Ben Gibbard "Farmer Chords"
  • Pseudosix "Run Rebel"
  • Rebecca Pearsey "Hook, Line and Sinker"
  • Ellen Cherry "1933: To California"
  • The Magnetic Fields "No One Will Ever Love You"
  • General Electriks "Terms and Conditions Apply"
  • Yacht "I Love A Computer"
  • The Foibles "I Will Carry The Icepick"
  • Jeffrey Lewis "New Old Friends"
  • Marisa Anderson "Top Shelf"
  • Willis Fireball and Caressa "Naked Miles"
  • The Stereo "There Goes My Mouth Again"
  • Castroglide "Bionic Commando Theme Remix"
  • jimmy eat world "Spangle"
  • Mos Def, Diverse and Prefuse 73 "Wylin' Out (RJD2 Remix)"
  • Secret Mommy "Dojo"
  • Saint Ettiene "Hug My Soul"
  • Erlend Oye "The Talk"
  • Totally Michael "The Balloon Song"
  • Irving "I Can't Fall In Love"
  • Jason Forrest "Spectacle to Refute All Judgment"
  • The New Amsterdams "Are You True"
  • Brand New "I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light"
  • Atom and His Package "Seed Song"

Thursday, February 09, 2006

... Is it Thursday already?

Hmm. Completely forgot about my show today. Whups.

Sorry folks. I'll make it up to you somehow.

Monday, February 06, 2006

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Killing You With Music On February 2

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  • The Blue Man Group "Time To Start"
  • Harvey Danger "Diminishing Returns"
  • Alkaline Trio "Queen of Pain"
  • The Animators "Better Not Say"
  • Brand New "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot"
  • Jeffrey Lewis "Moving"
  • Kil Haole Day "For Having Said Goodbye"
  • Her Space Holiday "Forever and a Day"
  • Catch 22 "Bloomfield Ave."
  • The Pietasters "Take Some Time"
  • The Blues Brothers "Rubber Biscuit"
  • The Go! Team "Power Is On"
  • Cake "When You Sleep"
  • Jack's Mannequin "MFEO Pt 1: Made For Each Other Pt. 2: You Can Breathe"
  • Atom and His Package "Does Anyone In this Room Want To Marry His Or Her Grandma?"
  • Andy Prieboy "Psycho Ex"
  • Emperor X "Citizens of Wichita"
  • Of Montreal "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games"
  • Prozzak "Clothes We Wear"
  • Licoln "Blow"
  • Showoff "Someone"
  • Guster "Ramona"
  • June Madrona "Arcata"
  • Kind of Like Spitting "You Got Served"
  • The Foibles "The Smallest Thing"
  • Regina Spektor "Aching to Pupate"
  • Mirah and the Black Cat Orchestra "What Keeps Mankind Alive"
  • Cary Judd "Perfect Tonight"
  • Bran Van 3000 "Break Through"
  • Burnside Project "Only Ordinary"
  • Cloud Cult "What Comes At The End"
  • The Blow "How Naked Are We Going To Get"
  • Blue Skies For Black Hearts "I've Been Crying"
  • Alix Olson "Built Like That"

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We be podcasting.

The Deathtrap is now available as a podcast.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Your very special mp3 of the week.

Andy Prieboy "Psycho Ex"
The musician describes this kind of music as "Gilbert and Hooligan." Which is very fitting. Light opera, Bohemian Rhapsody-esque, about your drunken ex trying to kill you.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

The January 26 Deathtrap

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  • Kids These Days "Rest Tonight"
  • Say Anything "Admit It"
  • Jim's Big Ego "Cut Off Your Head
  • Jeffrey & Jack Lewis "Don't Be Upset"
  • Kind of Like Spitting "Aubergine"
  • Matt Lewis Band "Killing Time"
  • Palomino "Stop This Car"
  • Ming + FS "New York"
  • Blackalicious "Make You Feel That Way"
  • The Foibles "Never Been In Love" (I appreciate The Foibles. They're fun.)
  • Kil Howlie Day "My Proscenium Arch"
  • Basement Jaxx "Romeo"
  • Lemon Demon "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"
  • Ben Folds Five "She Don't Use Jelly" (Flaming Lips cover)
  • Harvey Danger "Wine, Women and Song" (a set of songs about my recent trip)
  • June Madrona "Perseus"
  • Yes, Please "Blood Relatives"
  • Totally Michael "The Balloon Song"
  • Mirah and Ginger Takahama "Pure"
  • Mike Doughty "Fuckin' Yeah"
  • Tarkio "Tristan and Isault" (Colin Meloy from The Decemberists' old band)
  • The Blow "Hey Boy" (dedicated to The Blow, who didn't write me back)
  • Miss Kittin "Meet Sue Be She"
  • Telefon Tel Aviv "What It Was Will Never Again"
  • Secret Mommy "Tennis Court"
  • The Vandals "Join Us For Pong"
  • Jill Sobule "Karen By Night"
  • Bright Eyes "Loose Leaves"
  • Cary Judd "Glow"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Listen to past shows as mp3s

I've uploaded a couple of my radio shows that I'd saved as mp3s. The sound quality is quite low to try and keep the file size down, but they're still 55 meg files. I also only have a few of my past ones saved, but now that I have a helluva lot of web space, I'll make sure to save each show I do, and I'll post them each week.

Here's the ones that are online right now:If you like them, let me know!

My show is now on Thursdays, from 2-4 p.m. Alaska time. For the time in other timezones, see the link in the right hand column.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Very special mp3 of the day.

Lemon Demon's "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" details a battle between everyone who has ever been cool, ever. Plus Aaron Carter.

A very special song, with a very special music video. It shall be on my next radio show (which will be in two weeks).
This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny!
Good guys, bad guys and explosions as far as the eye can see,
And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be?
This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Deathtrap, January 4

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Go to this show's iMix on the iTunes Music Store to sample or buy these songs.
  • The Coloring Season "Julie"
  • Say Anything "Red Cat (Slash) Yellow Cat"
  • I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business "The Best Happiness Money Can Buy"
  • The Impossibles "The Week of August First (Live)"
  • The Honorary Title "Snow Day"
  • Jason Forrest "My 36 Favorite Punk Songs"
  • Gym Class Heroes "Cab Driver"
  • Soul Position "Candy Land Part 1"
  • The French "Wu-Tang Clan"
  • Ozma "Game Over"
  • Ratatat "Lapland"
  • Prozzak "Sweeping Romance"
  • The Postal Service "Brand New Colony"
  • The Zambonis "Great Zamboni of Devotion" (for Kelly. Who said to make up some story for the dedication)
  • Crosstops "Places to Go, People to Do"
  • Wally Pleasant "Two For One Coupon"
  • The Weakerthans "My Favourite Chords"
  • Geggy Tah "Don't Close the Door"
  • Hepcat "No Worries"
  • Big Rude Jake "Queer for Cat"
  • Rilo Kiley "After Hours" (a song I discovered on my iPod. I have no idea where it's from)
  • Ben Gibbard from Death Cab "Farmer Chords"
  • Jim's Big Ego "Cut Off Your Head"
  • Soul Coughing "Janine"
  • Cloud Cult "Fairy Tale"
  • Pain "Futz Said Julie"
  • Regina Spektor "Aching to Pupate"
  • Eleni Mandell "He Thinks He's In Love"
  • Thunder Thighs "NextWave Theme" (it's rare for a song to have The Explodo. So here are two songs that do)
  • Juno Reactor "Pistelero" (if you don't like this song, you're not cool)
  • The Avalanches "Undersea Community"
  • De La Soul "The Grind Date"
  • The Dresden Dolls "Thirty Whacks"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Deathtrap, December 28

Tracks in bold are Deathtrap Debuts, albums I've never played before.

Go to this show's iMix on the iTunes Music Store to sample or buy these songs.
  • Jason Forrest "War Photographer"
  • Hellogoodbye "Shimmy Shimmy Quarterturn" (my guilty pleasure of the week)
  • Prozzak "Clothes We Wear" (my favorite track off their new album)
  • Jim's Big Ego "Cut Off Your Head"
  • Guster "Come Downstairs and Say Hello"
  • The Stereo "There Goes My Mouth Again"
  • Fastbacks "One More Hour"
  • Man or Astro-Man? "Manta Ray" (Pixies cover)
  • Red Elvises "200 lbs. of Pure Love"
  • Mike Doughty "Needle To The Bar"
  • Souls of Mischief "'93 to Infinity"
  • Bullfrog "Reverse Psychology"
  • Plastilina Mosh "I've Got That Milton Pacheco Kind Of Feeling"
  • The Album Leaf "Brennivin"
  • Jeffrey Lewis "The East River"
  • The Decemberists "The Gymnast, High Above the Ground"
  • The Honorary Title "Petals"
  • Architecture in Helsinki "Like A Call"
  • Tilly and the Wall "Shake It Out"
  • Secret Mommy "Dance Studio"
  • Gym Class Heroes "Taxi Driver" (a hip-hop song using the names of numerous indie bands)
  • Matthew Herbert "Brother Where Are You"
  • Kind of Like Spitting "The Rest Is Up To You"
  • Lincoln "Unhappy"
  • ZOX "I Am Only Waiting"
  • Caviar "Clean Getaway"
  • The Roman Candles "Summerfling"
  • The Magnetic Fields "No One Will Ever Love You"
  • Pain "Excalibur"
  • Limp "Exit"
  • Animal Chin "Seven"

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas! Here, have a present!

"Fucking Up My Christmas" by MC Chris.

This is not a present I can play on the radio.

This is in honor of running out of heating oil on Christmas Eve, at -10 F, while my landlord is out of town and can't help me restart my furnace.